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“Telling your customers about your hygiene standards in your food outlets gives them greater choice and the power to vote with their feet – they are able to choose to eat at the places with the highest standards and avoid those that don’t meet the grade or with no systems in place.”
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We believe displaying your Score on the Doors rating can help you see more customers walk through your door. If you are passionate about promoting good hygiene practices as we are Contact Us

Tell your customers about your good hygiene
You can tell your customers just how good your hygiene is by displaying your certificate in your premises window. This means your customers can easily see your premises have qualified for a score when they visit your business. You can also promote your score on your website and in your marketing programs.

Promote your good hygiene
Score on the Doors is a food hygiene rating scheme that reassures customers about hygiene and food safety standards in place. Score on the Doors rates Food Business Operators (FBO’s) compliance with hygiene and food safety requirements and is for restaurants, cafés, takeaways, bakeries, bars and clubs.

Every business wants satisfied customers.

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